There are many kinds of heroes in the world of Hero-U. Some, like the Paladin, are true-blue goodie-two-shoes who devote their lives to making the world better. Other heroes are not quite so obvious.

The RogueTake the Rogue, for example.

The Rogue’s weapons are stealth, guile, and clever repartee, along with a few lockpicking, climbing, and eavesdropping techniques. Those don’t often appear in a Handbook for Heroes. Nevertheless, such skills can be used for heroic actions.

Are evil villains plotting dastardly deeds? Of course they are! The Rogue can sneak up and eavesdrop on their plots, then use fast talk to convince the local Sheriff to take action.

Has your crown prince been kidnapped and locked away as a hostage in the dungeon? If the King sends in an army, the enemy will probably kill the prince for spite. The Rogue can use climbing and lockpicking skills to extricate the future ruler without causing an international incident. All in all, a Rogue can be very heroic.

The Wizard

The WizardWizards are notorious for living in ivory towers, far removed from reality. Many of them have reputations as pedantic scholars, unwanted advisers, and irascible misanthropes.

Not all of them are that way. Even the most settled Wizards can bestir themselves from their books to do a few good deeds now and again. Of course, they will first make a long-winded lecture on the foolishness of other members of your party for alerting the enemy. But as the angry monsters chop down the door to attack, a Wizard can be an invaluable member of your heroic adventuring group – with a well-timed Lightning Bolt.

The Warrior

WarriorNot all Warriors are heroes. Warriors can make very good villains. The same skills apply to both roles – charisma, strength, courage, martial arts, and leadership skills.

However, if you ever need to travel with a group of disparate do-gooders in order to prevent some hideous monster from desecrating and demolishing all the castles in the countryside (a potentially very lucrative as well as noble deed), you will want a Warrior to take the lead.

Otherwise, you’ll suffer from party members who wander off randomly, constant squabbles between the Elves and the Dwarves, and a distinct lack of a cohesive plan when it comes to facing the antagonist of the story. While Warriors can be authoritarian, ball-bearing, blasphemous, goal-directed bullies, they do manage to get missions accomplished.

The Bard

The BardThe Bard is one of the more underestimated hero types. Most think of Bards as egocentric, vainglorious performers who entertain and distract people from the trivial meaninglessness of their day to day lives. However, Bards have a few useful skills that are easily overlooked by the oblivious Overlords.

Bards are welcome everywhere and make great spies. They are masters at undermining the reputations of pompous princes with their satirical songwriting. Their stirring ballads can inspire and incite the masses to throw off the yoke of tyranny. Best of all, they can sing praises of all your heroic actions, spreading word of your reputation so that you can raise your Good Deed fees.

The Scientist

The ScientistMad? You think that they are mad? Well, yes, Scientists are not precisely known for their social graces. Nor are they likely to tolerate weak-minded Luddites who are too stupid to see the magnificence of their doomsday machines.

Still, many Scientists have the good of all mankind as part of their credo. They just differ in their opinions as to whether the greatest good is to turn people into mindless drones so that they really enjoy being slaves, or whether it is better to serve mankind on whole wheat and rye. Nevertheless, do not underestimate the heroic role that a Scientist can play. A properly-constructed death ray can be very useful when you are confronting the arch-villain in the middle of his soliloquy.

The Chef

The ChefOn the list of “People Least Likely to be Invited to Heroic Parties,” the Chef ranks somewhere below the Village Idiot (who frequently turns out to be wiser than the rest of the village) and the Undertaker (who really does know where all the bodies are buried). On the other hand, the Chef is the one most likely to cater such an event.

A great Chef has leadership skills and a vocabulary that can make the strongest Warrior shake in his boots. The Chef has culinary knowledge that can transform the deadliest of poisons into palatable delicacies. The Chef has a better grasp of practical chemistry in creating delicate souffles than any Scientist.

A great Chef can please a petty dictator or wicked plenipotentiary better than any Bard. Never underestimate the power of the Chef. After all, everyone knows that the quickest way to a man’s heart is through the stomach – or up under the rib cage with a sharp knife. Chefs keep their carving knives very, very sharp.

The Paladin

The PaladinNo list of would-be heroes would be complete without mentioning the Paladin. The Paladin really wants to do the right thing, regardless of the cost.

One Paladin might suffer great angst and remorse when she was unable to save the town from the rampaging dragon because she happened to be in labor with her first daughter at the time, but she’ll get out of bed, press that babe to her breast, and start pulling victims from the wreckage afterwards.

Another Paladin will kiss his one and only true love goodbye at their wedding night dance, then will ride off to negotiate peace between the Dwarves and the Elves. If there is a good deed that needs doing, you can always count on the Paladin to answer the call.

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