Gog Temple Added

Thanks to generous donations after our Kickstarter ended, we are adding the Gog Temple back into the game. This is the ruins of an ancient temple now inhabited by the fearsome Gogs. Gogs are humanoid amphibians who would love to have Shawn over for dinner – over the fire pit, that is.

Every good dungeon explorer knows – where there’s an altar, there’s got to be treasure. It’s just a little tricky trying to get the treasure when all the Gogs are looking for Shawn Sashimi and Shawn stew.

Great Stuff

Corey is setting up the spreadsheets for all the backer goodies we offered in our Kickstarter. We’re doing tests to see how best to print the posters and paintings that we’re offering. We’ll be sending out backerkit information as soon as Kickstarter processes our campaign.

That’s in addition to the design, writing, and team leading we do in our copious spare time.

Here’s a photo of a canvas wrap print of a backer portrait and a Hero-Unicorn hoodie from Cafe Press, as modeled by the charming, smiling Corey Cole (who says, “Oops, guess I should have shaved first – I match the canine in the portrait”).

Hero-U Backer Bennies