We Did It
Thanks to all of you, we made our goal… and five of our stretch goals!

We’ll have a Master Wraith, Additional Music and Sound effects, more puzzles, and a larger sea cave. If we get a few donations through Paypal, we will have an Unspeakable Horror to haunt all our nightmares. Won’t this be great!

Of course we’re thrilled at all this additional work you are giving us. It will make this game richer.

This Kickstarter has been a wild ride, and a lot of fun. It gave us a chance to really hear you. This will greatly affect how Hero-U is designed.

Please enjoy this Wallpaper as our first official Kickstarter reward now that we’ve made our goal.

Be the Leader Wallpaper

Wallpaper – Be the Leader – 1024 x 768
Wallpaper – Be the Leader – 1366 x 768
Wallpaper – Be the Leader – 1920 x 1080