Monday was Thanksgiving Day in Canada, which seems like as good a time as any to give thanks to the people who are helping us get ready for Hero-U and our Kickstarter campaign. Not that we live in Canada, but I did work there once. By the way, nobody (including us) is being paid at this point, but everyone is working very hard to make sure we have a successful project.

The “A” Team

Eriq ChangOur Art Director Eriq Chang is a long-time fan of Quest for Glory. He created the poster for the QfG2 fan remake and is making some fantastic backgrounds for Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption. Eriq’s other projects include Ember Magazine and Nightmare Gloves. Some of Eriq’s work can be found at his Studio and Fable Foundry.

Eric Varnes is our lead character artist. He has worked with Eriq at Fable Foundry. Eric has done some great sketches of Shawn and some monsters for the game. We’re really looking forward to seeing his vision for the other characters and creatures as the project proceeds.

Paul Bowers – digital art and illustration – has already contributed to the project by turning everyone on the team into cartoons. As such, we’re practically immortal (barring encounters with The Dip), if a bit two-dimensional.

The Sound of Music

RyanRyan Grogan is our amazingly talented audio director. You’ll hear some of his music in the Kickstarter video; it’s awesome! Ryan also created the music for MacGuffin’s Curse. He will be coordinating all of the music and sound effects in Hero-U. You can learn more about Ryan here.


Codename: Brawsome

AndrewOur programming development effort is headed by Andrew Goulding of Brawsome. Andrew is also a game designer and is helping us brainstorm design and indie game marketing ideas. His award-winning games include Jolly Rover and MacGuffin’s Curse. Find out more about Brawsome and their games at


Gaming the System

Corey and LoriI guess we should mention that Lori Ann Cole and Corey Cole are the lead game designers and writers. We aren’t sitting back as “executive producers” while someone else designs the game. We’ve designed a few pretty successful games in the past (say a million units or so) including the five games in the Quest for Glory series, Castle of Dr. Brain, Shannara, Mixed-Up Fairy Tales, and Tower of Indomitable Circumstance. Ok, that last one is a paper RPG module. 🙂

We love role-playing games and are really excited about making Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption with the help of a lot of friends and fans. Thank you! You can find out more about us, our games, and some life advice at Corey and Lori’s Quest Log Blog, FAR Studio, Hero’s Journal, and Transolar Entertainment.

Making the Market

MichaelMichael Cole, the man with a curiously similar last name to ours, has opened many opportunities for promotion and publicity. He once swore he would never get into the game industry, and technically he’s in administration rather than game development. Um, right. Actually, he has taken an active part on setting the direction of the game (more RPG than adventure) and on our plans for the combat system. In return, Corey is helping out with the marketing effort.

How Many Game Developers Does It Take…

We’re keeping this team lean and mean to ensure that we can create Hero-U even if our Kickstarter campaign is only modestly successful. We know we can make an excellent game with this team. If we reach some of our stretch goals, we will use the additional budget to fill out the team with other talented developers. We’ve had a lot of volunteers.

Thank you all! Make sure to Like our Facebook page and follow it for updates on the project.