Along the south coast of Marete to the east of Silmaria, there stands a great sprawling castle built in ancient times when demonic creatures sought to dominate Gloriana. Long abandoned, the castle was greatly feared by the people of Silmaria. There were rumors of hauntings, curses, and a great Evil buried within its rocky walls.

Over the years, a few desperate and foolhardy souls dared to explore dark towers and musty hallways in search of forgotten treasures. Even fewer returned; they whispered of eldritch horrors best left buried beneath the ancient stones. The castle’s grim silhouette upon the cliffs warns us that there are dangers in this world that mere mortals are not prepared to face.

So what better place than this to build a University for Heroes?

Besides, the rent was cheap.

The Game’s the Thing

Meeps, oh my!Hero-U is a role-playing adventure game. The player takes on the role of a student learning to be a Hero. In Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption, that student is Shawn O’Conner, a young man who at first seems to be anything but a hero.

One doesn’t just wander around an ancient, possibly haunted, castle and expect to have an easy time of it. Shawn must learn and practice Rogue and combat skills, then use them to survive. “Hack and Slash” won’t cut it for a Rogue. Shawn must outwit and outmaneuver the creatures that lurk within the ancient dungeons, caverns, and catacombs.

Hero-U is not a random “dungeon crawl”. In Rogue to Redemption, Shawn will learn what it means to be a Hero and the player must choose for him whether he will become one. The player’s choices will determine not only Shawn’s fate, but that of the University and possibly all of Gloriana. Whatever.


Hero-U is Not Quest for Glory

In many ways, Hero-U is similar to our previous Quest for Glory games. Both mix adventure and role-playing game play. Both emphasize an involving story and complex characters. Both provide epic events, daring deeds, and occasional humor.

However, Hero-U has its own unique look and feel. This is not a Sierra On-line game remake. You will not play a nameless hero haplessly wandering through the world, pestered by people who need your help. Shawn will do what he wants to do. If he wants to do someone a favor, it is because he figures that person will be useful to him later. If he wants to unleash nameless horrors of destruction upon the world, well, hey, that’s his business.

Are You Ready to Rogue?

There is danger and intrigue within the hallowed halls of Hero-U. Danger? Ha! Rogues laugh in the face… well, actually, they sneak up behind danger and bop it in the head, then run really, really fast.