Our games have always been set in lands of great beauty. From the silvery peaks that surrounded Spielburg Valley to the golden desert sands of Shapeir, from the marvelous sandstone towers of Tarna to the verdent forests of Mordavia, down to the cerulean waters of the Med Sea in Silmaria and Sardonia, the world of Gloriana is awash in color.

Now we offer you a chance to relive the glory and revel in the serenity of the sylvan, sandy, and sometimes swampy land, seas, and savannas of this game world. For the first Hero-U Kickstarter, we offered you this tribute:

Tribute to Erana

Believe in Yourself

For the second Kickstarter, we are adding the opportunity to own four additional posters of the loveliness of Gloriana. The first poster is a travel poster for the magical valley of Spielburg:

Come to Spielburg

Come to Spielburg

Also from the land of Spielburg is this vision of the garden that Erana created:

Erana's Serenity

Erana’s Serenity

Next, from the island of Sardonia in the Med Sea, comes this blissful vision of the city of Caligari and the Hero-U castle:

Visit Scenic Sardonia

Visit Scenic Sardonia

These posters will fill your house and your heart with the grace and glory of Gloriana.

But Wait… there’s More!

So far, we have shown off three posters from this Kickstarter. However, we offered four posters. I thought it would be nice to see what sort of poster you would like to see on your wall in addition to the ones shown above. Would you prefer the dramatic desert sands and the ivory towers of the land of Shapier? Perhaps you would prefer the grand city of Tarna golden and tawny as a Liontaur in the sun? Or maybe the walled town of Mordavia shadowed by Borgov Castle looming against the dying light of the gloaming?

Where would you like to go – and what would you like to see on a poster?

Which land would you like to see on a Hero-U poster?

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