Seas the Day

Our Kickstarter Project is very close to success. The best part of this Kickstarter is that we really get to connect and communicate with all our fans and supporters. You inspire us.

You will note that most of the Wallpapers we’ve shared so far have a pithy statement to inspire you, too. We want to encourage you to make the most of your lives.

Today’s theme is a combination of “Just do it,” “Get er done,” and an object warning.

Our free Screensaver Wallpaper today shows off the most fearsome monster of the day – the Sea Serpent. The Sea Serpent Lair is dedicated to Princess Lwelynor and Lord Oelwyn who provide valuable lessons to Shawn on how to deal with serpents.

Sadly, it is clear from the poster that the Zombie Pirate did not pay attention to the Lord and Lady’s advice. Nor did he read the warning label on the map that said, “Here be Sea Serpents.” The Zombie will soon find himself seized and deceased. It was not his day.

He obviously did not Sea the point of this poster.

Seas the Day Poster

Wallpaper – Sees the Day 1024 x7 68
Wallpaper – Sees the Day 1366 x 768
Wallpaper – Sees the Day 1920 × 1080

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