Reddit Halloween
Corey and Lori had a Reddit’s Ask Me Anything chat on Halloween. We talked about everything from Quest for Glory and Hero-U to Corey’s bowling score.

Here’s a few of the Highlights:

Burf90 asked: “How exactly will the school part of the game play out. Still top down, like attending classes in an RPG? Will we actually have to attend classes? Be on time? Have shudder homework? I understand the game play of the dungeon part fairly well (or at least I think I do), but I’m not sure I get how the school part will play out. More like an adventure game? (OK, I know – that was a bunch of questions, not just one!)”

Lori’s reply: “Some Rogue classes will be mandatory – it’s hard to avoid going to them when you live at the school. However, there will be chances to avoid showing up on time or at all. But cutting classes will not win you brownie points with the Master.”

“The Master will assign homework assignments that means you need to practice your Rogue Skills. Or maybe spend some time in the library.”

“So yes, it’s all part of the Adventure.”

CazNeerg said: “The importance of “villains” varied from game to game in the Quest for Glory series. Will some “Big Bad” play a central role in the narrative of Rogue to Redemption (and the other games of the series), or will our character’s journey to being a Hero (or not) be more about the kind of person he chooses to be at Hero U than about defeating some specific antagonist(s)?”

Corey: There are definitely villains in Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption. While the player will shape the general direction of Shawn’s development, his progress occurs within the frame of the overall story, and interactions with the villains are an important part of that.

The “relationship” between Shawn and the villains is much more complex than “good guy / bad guy”, and will not be resolved by a simple battle. Well, not entirely, there will be some plot-furthering fights.

BigD51 remarked: “I’ve been teaching so long, it will be interesting to be a student again! Do you see the game play be influenced by which classes Shawn takes or more importantly, pays attention too?”

Lori: “Shawn’s main class with be with the Rogue Instructor, Master von Gerhard. His relationship to his instructor and the other students will be a major part of the social aspect of the game, and it will effect what other classes Shawn can take. If he decides to piss off the Master, it will be rough going at the school. And Gerhard is not an easy person to get on the good side of.”

BigD replied: “Grumpy teachers! Sounds like an autobiography! I’m looking forward to it.”

We will have another “Reddit Ask Me Anything” in two weeks, so join us and find out more about Hero-U.