Aim for Greatness

2015 was a great year for us. We added new people to the team. We developed an improved version of the original Break-in House demo to show off the new art style. We made a combat demo to show off and test our combat system. We held a new Kickstarter to reach out to all of you and improve our cash flow by reducing debt.

The Kickstarter gave us more than just money – it gave us feedback on the features you players really wanted to emphasize in the game. Because of this, we have even more work to do. People loved the Sea Caves, so we’re expanding them and making them better. People wanted better animation, so we hired a full-time animator. We’ve improved and expanded the gardens in the game to give Shawn a chance to get away from the doom, gloom, and stress of classrooms and dungeons.

We keep working hard to make this game amazing. That means re-doing a lot of the artwork and re-coding rooms to improve what was done before while at the same time working on all the newer areas and building the structure of the game.

The entire castle has been rebuilt in Maya rather than put together piecemeal like Legos in Unity. This means it looks much better and more polished than it did a year ago. The dungeon and the Catacombs are completely constructed now. Joshua is setting up the ghosts and ghouls that roam those regions.

And the Sea Caves will be as amazing as the concept painting that inspired them.

Considering that this is all being done with people all around the world who’ve never met each other outside of a computer screen, this is quite an accomplishment.

There’s a huge amount of work that still needs to be done on the game. Hero-U has as many areas to explore as the largest of our Quest for Glory games. The dialogue and character interactions are much more complex than in any other game we’ve worked on. We keep refining and redefining the way a game is experienced. Hero-U will be different from any other game you’ve played.

Hero-U is a labor of love from everyone who works on this game. We all strive to do our best to make Hero-U the best game ever.

And it’s all thanks to you. Without your support and encouragement, Hero-U wouldn’t exist.

So as 2015 fades away into history, we make our New Year’s Commitment for 2016. For us, there’s only one that really counts – get Hero-U finished. Make it something that everyone on the team is proud of. Make it something that you will love to play over and over again.

Have a Happy New Year and the promise of better things to come for everyone.

Have a Heroic 2016