Our first game in the Hero-U series centers around the Rogue character. Rogues are a very special kind of Hero. They are the Robin Hood, the Bugs Bunny, the Aladdin, and the Indiana Jones type of characters who live by their wits and skills. Expect the Rogue Hero of Hero-U to be snarky, witty, and always trying to stay one step ahead of the authorities and teachers at this University for Heroes.

Hero-U is the name of the game series, but we need a name for this first game.

So far, we have had the following suggestions:
“Rogue Rally”
“Class of the Classless”
“In the Shadows 101”
“Classroom of Chicanery”
“Rogue Rules”
“Rogue Trip”
“Larceny, Lockpicks, and Lunchbells”
“Way of the Aardvark”
“Larceny and Bold Race”
“Trickster’s Treat”
“Hero-U: Unlikely Hero”
“Rogue to Redemption”
“School for Scoundrels”

So what do you think is the best title of this game?