The Hero-U team is busy polishing up the Demo room/opening section of the game. We want to show you that this game holds true to its Adventure Game roots while adding more fun and excitement.

Corey and I went to the International Game Developer’s Association Summit and the Casual Connect conference this week to talk about “Game Design as a Subversive Activity.” Our premise is that games teach people to think for themselves, question authority, and thus change the world. The video of this talk will (hopefully) be available from IDGA in a couple of months – we’ll let you know more when we find out.

In order to avoid any confusion with our previous game series, Hero University has moved to the city of Caligari on the island of Sardonia. We are also making sure that all names in Hero-U are original.

Name That Critter

So, what should we name this sort of creature? It’s mischievous, a bit sneaky, but kind of cute.

Name the Critter

Is this a:

A. Hoppurr
B. Kwirk
C. Furple
D. Something Else

Let us know what You think this critter should be in the world of Hero University by your comments below or on our forum.