Key to Success
We’re coming around the last curve in the Kickstarter Project track. We’re at 84% of our goal, so it’s still a close race to the finish line. Will we win, come up short, or exceed our goal?

We’ll know the answer to that thrilling question in 9 days.

Let’s Play

I am confident that we will succeed with this Kickstarter Project. We are doing everything we can to let people know about Hero-U. Yesterday, we posted a “Lori and Corey Play Hero-U Combat Demo” where we have fun explaining what is going on in the Demo and what it will be like in the real game.

Today, we did a podcast interview with Shane of Shane Plays fame. He even did his own “Let’s Play Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption Demos” for Youtube.

There are several different “Let’s Play Hero-U” videos on YouTube. You can check them out and see how different people react to our game.

Stretching the Point

Music SymbolWe’re so confident in the success of this Kickstarter, we have added another Stretch Goal to the list – Additional Music and Sound Effects. Yes, we have some wonderful music from Ryan Grogan. However, the game is bigger and better than we initially intended and it could use more music and sound effects.

It’s amazing how much sound adds to a game. Much of the emotional appeal and the suspense of a game is conveyed through the music. The Combat Prototype Demo has very few sound effects so far, and it will be greatly improved with the sound of shattering glass and the snarl of the Drats. This Stretch Goal will allow us to add even more musical nuance to the game.


Today’s free wallpaper is the original concept art of the Catacombs combined with the cocky key-holding Shawn from our box cover. The Catacombs painting shows that it isn’t just tombstones and bones that make up this spooky setting. This Wallpaper illustrates an important tenet for Rogues (and everyone) to remember – “Confidence is the Key to Success.” Show others that you are confident and others will believe in you and help you succeed.

Catacomb Wallpaper

Please share these links and the wallpaper with friends and on social networks. The more fans we reach with our Kickstarter, the higher we will reach with our stretch goals.

Catacomb Wallpaper 1024 x 768
Catacombs Wallpaper 1366 x 768
Catacombs Wallpaper 1920 x 1080