As part of our Kickstarter Celebration, we’ll be giving away a free Wallpaper for every day left in the Hero-U Kickstarter.

Each Wallpaper will feature original artwork by John Paul Selwood. Some of these Wallpapers will feature concept art used to create the emotional feel of the game. Some of them will be color comps used to create the look of a particular area of the game. Others will be artworks found on the walls of the Break-in House and the castle in the actual game. Some of the artwork is from the original Kickstarter. Other Wallpapers are areas we haven’t shown before.

We have so much incredible artwork for this game. There are over eighty paintings for the game so far, many of them used as close-ups. It was difficult to choose what to show. I don’t want to spoil the surprises in the game by revealing too much.

We ask you to share these with your friends and social media. Tweet your favorites. Post to Facebook. We want to reach out to all the role-playing and adventure game fans who don’t yet know about Hero-U.

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Today’s poster is an old favorite – the original castle painting from the first Kickstarter. It’s still as beautiful today as it was when we first began this project. It inspires us to make Hero-U better than we could have dreamed.

Hero University Castle

1920 x 1080 Screen Wallpaper
1366 x 768 Screen Wallpaper
1024 x 768 Screen Wallpaper