Hero-U Trick or Treat


We’ve got some real treats for you coming up. First of all, we released our first Teaser Trailer for the game:


Next on the treat list, we have finished our Game Play Demo. We will share it with our backers soon. What do you know – Rogue to Redemption is a real Adventure Game! Or at least, that’s the part of the game play revealed by this demo. Our next demo will show off the RPG aspects of the game with combat strategy and skills. So yes, Hero-U is Two, Two, Two games in one!

Creature Feature

From the depths of the dungeons below the castle to the creepy caverns of the catacombs, we have a cavalcade of critters that have crawled out of their crypts.

Monster Mash


So from all of us here at Hero-U, Have a Happy Halloween!

Hero-U Happy Halloween