Hero-U Rogue to Redemption

For our Kickstarter 2015 project, we had a set of stretch goals to add content to Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption. Thanks to your generous support, we reached five of our ten goals during the Kickstarter

We will continue to accept donations toward reaching the additional goals through Paypal donations. Would you like to see the Unspeakable Horror of the Sea Caves in the game? What about the Gog Temple? These sections can be included if we meet our stretch goal milestones.

Since May 2015, backers have contributed over $124,000 to Hero-U by way of Kickstarter and donations on this website. That brings our total to over $152,000 and we are adding the Temple of Gog-Sosloth. Shawn will also have his very own baby Kwirk companion to keep him out – or into – trouble. In order to not impact the development schedule, Kwirk companions will be free downloadable content after the main game release.

Stretch Goals#a30707 Raised $152,500 towards the $200,000 target.