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Hero-U Box CoverThe Hero-U games are different from every other game out there. When you play Hero-U, you work with the designers to tell the hero’s story. Each time you play, the story changes according to your decisions.

Game designers Lori Ann Cole and Corey Cole invented the role-playing adventure genre with their acclaimed Quest for Glory and Shannara games. Now, with your help, they are reinventing collaborative role-playing storytelling with the Hero-U series.

Hero-U development is also unique. This game series is entirely funded by player donations. To date, our players have contributed over $550,000 to fund development of the first Hero-U game, Rogue to Redemption. You can be a part of the Hero-U community and the creation of a new way of game playing, where heroism meets humor, fans become friends, and storytelling and role-playing come together!

Stretch Goals Achievement

For our Kickstarter 2015 project, we had a set of stretch goals to add content to Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption. Thanks to your generous support, we reached five of our ten goals during the Kickstarter.

Since May 2015, backers have contributed over $124,000 to Hero-U by way of Kickstarter and donations on this website. That brings our total to over $152,000. We’ve added new music, much more animation, and many more interactions to the game thanks to all of you who support our game.


We did it!

Our Kickstarter is officially over. Thanks to your help, we raised over $116,000 and reached five stretch goals.

Over 1800 fans came together to make this Kickstarter a success.

Did you miss out on the Kickstarter? You can still support us and help reach our stretch goals by donating to the game. You can get nifty souvenirs and collectibles from our stores. You can even pre-order the game. Check out our Store Page!

Did you support our Kickstarter and want to know what rewards you are getting? Check out our Backer Rewards page.

Thank you for your support of Hero-U.