It’s been exciting times for the Hero-U project. We’ve said hello to new people joining the team and said farewell to people who helped us reach our Kickstarter goal.

Caesari SosiWe’ve added Terry Robinson, a very talented artist who was the art director for Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire. He’ll be leading the art team. This means that we are moving away from the cartoon style that we show on this website and in the Kickstarter to a new level of beauty and realism. Although Hero-U is still very much a Role-playing game, it will look more like an Adventure game… or a Disney cartoon.

Yes, it will still be tile-based. However, you would never know it to see the artwork. We’ll be pushing the limits of what artists can do with tiles.


Other Changes

Andrew Goulding of Brawsome has left the Hero-U team to work on other projects. Eriq Chang will be working on the Art Book and the Yearbook rather than on the game development team.

We’re adding Christopher Fong as Assistant Producer, Todd Hendrix as Senior Programmer, and Bryan Ellis joins the art team.

Hero-U – the Game

Rogue to Redemption will be the most intense Role-playing experience you have ever played. It will have mystery, magic, humor, and horror. You will be swept up in a world of intrigue, crime, tragedy, and comedy. Your decisions will affect the lives and fate of the people around Shawn. You will determine Shawn’s destiny.

And you will have a great deal of fun.