Happy Holidays
‘Tis the time of friendship
‘Tis the time of cheer,
The time when holidays
Draw us near.

To all our friends,
We raise a toast.
You are the gift
We value most.

For whether we’re close
or far apart
You’re near and dear
Inside our hearts.

So we thank you all
For in so many ways
You bring the ‘happy’
To our holiday.

Wherever you live
In your faraway lands
We’ll all join together
We’ll hold out our hands.

We share the same joys
We know the same story,
We’re bound by the quest
For the essence of glory.

Our Holiday wish
Wherever you’re found.
Let us all be heroes
The entire year round.

Life is more than a game
But it still can be won
One day at a time
Good deeds can be done.

The world needs more heroes
And we’ve answered that call
To make the world brighter
And better for all.

So let’s all join together
And share in the cheer.
Happy Holidays to all
And a Heroic New Year!

Holiday Card

Here’s our Holiday Gift for you – The Heroic Holiday Wallpaper:

Holiday Wallpaper 2015