Here’s a little treat especially for you.

The Nights of the Dead
Written and Directed by Lori Cole
Artwork by JP Selwood
Ghoul Design by Eric Varnes
Music by Ryan Grogan

The Poem:

The Nights of the Dead

On the dark of the moon in Sardonian land
When the cold autumn mist shrouds the sand
and the lights in the towns glow a dull, sullen red
Then the people all huddle with worry and dread
For they know that it heralds the time is at hand
The doom of the Nights of the Dead

When the cold iron gates on the catacomb walls
fling open with shrieks that will echo the halls
They crawl from their crypts with their wounds that have clotted
And leave slimy trails of their flesh that has rotted
With their shrouds torn and tattered and hair lank and knotted
The Ghouls of the Nights of the Dead.

So we festoon our hallways with ribbons so bright
And we set out the candles for light
We gather our goodies and foods we love best
And try not to show that we’re fearful and stressed
As we struggle to welcome our unwelcome guests
The Ghosts of the Nights of the Dead

And thus so it goes every month of November
Our dearly departed we all shall remember
We revel their return with good drink and song
And hope we don’t see in the midst of the throng
Those spiteful and bitter with unavenged wrongs
The Wraiths of the Nights of the Dead

So raise up your glass to a spirit or two
And celebrate life with the ones who all knew
No matter whatever you struggle to do
We all join the Nights of the Dead!

Happy Halloween