Lori's Epitaph In honor of the “Day of the Dead,” Hero-U is offering its first add-on for pledge holders – your very own gravestone and epitaph in the game. And if you really want something special, you can haunt your own grave.

Far below the city streets of Silmaria lie the forgotten catacombs. Here, the restless spirits who had no coins to pay for Charon’s passage must wander endlessly. Here too are the darker Undead – the Ghouls, Ghasts, and Revenants who prey upon the unwary wanderer. Will you join their dark hunt?

For an additional $100 to any pledge, you can have your name and epitaph on a gravestone in the Silmarian Catacombs. Igor will be bury happy to carve your gravestone from Mordavian rock. (It’s marble-ous – you won’t take it for granite.) And so, at Hero-U, you can rest in Greece… er… Silmaria.

For an additional $200, not only do you have your own tombstone – you get to haunt it, too. You will choose your class of undead creature to lurk in the darkness and guard forgotten treasures. Will you feed upon the life force of your victims, or feed upon their flesh? This is your opportunity to join the Zombie Apocalypse and be on the winning side!

It just ghost to show that you too, can be a Grue at Hero-U.