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Thanks to the “Art of Sierra”, on our first Kickstarter project we offered original artwork used to make the Quest for Glory games. We are now offering high-resolution digital images of these lovely works of art as add-ons for our current Kickstarter Project.

The Forest

This painting was used in the VGA version of Quest for Glory: So You Want to be a Hero. It shows the lush beauty of the Spielburg valley. Alas, the beauty masks the dangers of this cursed land.

The Forest

The Hall of Judgment

This is a painting that shows the finale and many of the cast members of Quest for Glory 3: Wages of War. Here, Rakeesh is reunited with his daughter, Johari is proud enough of Yesufu that she is willing to marry him, Uhura is ready to go home to her son, Manu is happy to be part of group, and the Thief Harami just looks embarrassed about the whole “save the world/be a hero” situation. The original was a piece we owned for years, but we gave it up to help fund Hero-U.

Hall of Judgment

The Borgov Crypt

This painting was created for Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness, one of the highlights of the series for mood and story. This crypt was the secret backdoor entrance to the castle.

Borgov Crypt

The Gypsy Camp

This was another painting that we owned – the gypsy wagon from Shadows of Darkness. It shows the Fortune Teller and Gypsy Davy foretelling the Hero’s future in the wagon.

The Gypsy Camp

Borgov Castle

The final print is also from Shadows of Darkness. It shows Ad Avis and the Dark Master, Katrina, watching eagerly as the Hero approaches the castle.

Borgov Castle

These images are all available on our Kickstarter as an add-on to your backer pledge. Just add $20 to your bid and these high-res images can be yours.

The Daily Wallpaper

Today we offer the loveliest of our original concept paintings for the Sea Caves to use as your screensaver/wallpaper. Shawn stands proudly victorious after exploring the mysterious and lovely caverns under Sardonia.

We ask that you share these with your friends and on social media. We’re edging ever closer to our goal and want to reach out to new fans who will love Hero-U.

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