Half Dome Dragon

Many moons ago, Sierra On-Line chose the iconic Half Dome of Yosemite National Park as their symbol. This huge granite rock face dominates Yosemite Valley, as Sierra once dominated the Adventure Game market.

Half Dome in the Snow
For our first game, Hero’s Quest: So You Want to be a Hero (or Quest for Glory, whichever version you prefer), we showed off Half Dome in splendid tones of magenta, cyan, and purple. Then from behind the mighty mountain rises a huge dragon who breathes fire and melts your computer monitor, or something.

Hero's Quest Dragon

It only seemed fitting that we should have a tribute to those halcyon days of yore and the original game that made Hero-U possible. After all, if you people hadn’t enjoyed the first game of the series, we wouldn’t be here. That’s why we had JP Selwood create his version of Half Dome and the dragon – to remind you how much fun a game can be. Of course, we hope you will find Hero-U every bit as much fun as those games with Half Dome on the cover and a dragon inside.

Today, we share with you the painting of the Dragon and Half Dome. Please share our Kickstarter Project and these screensavers with everyone you know. Social Media is a wonderful thing – it lets us reach out and find people who don’t know Hero-U.

Dragon Mountain

Wallpaper Dragon over Half Dome 1040 x 768
Wallpaper Dragon over Half Dome 1366 x 768
Wallpaper Dragon over Half Dome 1920 x 1080