Hero-U Rogue to Redemption


Joshua SmythHi I’m Joshua Smyth, code wrangler for Hero-U. Currently I reside in middle-earth, New Zealand.

I spend most of my days working remotely and love RPGs and adventure games of all kinds. I got my start programming by playing around with some tools a few very clever people made which reverse engineered Sierra’s earliest game engine (AGI). Several years later I ended up going to University, studying math and computer science and then working for a few different companies in either business / web application software / image manipulation and then later mobile gaming.

The game development scene in NZ is still pretty small – but it is growing (by like 50% each year or something) mostly thanks to mobile. I just think it’s cool that I can work remotely on different projects around the world.

The Quest for Glory series has been hugely inspirational to me, and it was my dream goal to one day work for Sierra. Sadly that never happened, but after reading the story and design docs, Hero-U has the potential to become another excellent entry in the RPG/Adventure genre.