Dark Shadows

So far, we’ve talked a lot about the beautiful artwork and the interesting characters that inhabit the Hero-U Castle. We’ve talked about friendship and possible romance. But there’s more to the game than milk and cookies for Shawn.

There’s a dark, seamy underbelly to the Hero-U castle. There are secrets buried here that no one knows about or understands. The Dire Rats in the Wine Cellar are the least of Shawn’s worries.

Things stir in the catacombs under the castle. They’ve become an unquiet grave site. The people of Sardonia celebrate the “Nights of the Dead” in hopes of appeasing these spirits. However, there are many restless spirits. Most of them are the ghosts of former Backers. Some are even the ghosts of current Backers.

Backer PlacardIn our first Kickstarter for Hero-U, we offered tombstones to those Backers who wanted a place to rest their weary bones in honor of Halloween. These Backers get a tomb with a view in the depths of the catacombs with their very own epitaph engraved upon a placard.

But not all Backers rest so easily. There is much to disturb their slumber. It doesn’t help matters if Shawn goes around tomb raiding for treasure. Spirits can get downright cranky.


We’d like to make sure that our Backers rest easily. That’s why we’re paying close attention to your opinions.

Many of you remember Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness with fondness. We held a poll on what posters you’d like to see and Mordavia won. That’s why we’re offering a “Come to Mordavia” poster. Here’s a sneak peek at the color comp of for the poster.

Mordavia Color Comp

We also held a poll to find out what Castle Painting you backers wanted to own.

We showed off a lot of lovely castles glowing in the first rays of dawn or the warm tones of sunset. Did you choose one of those scenic and serene images? No. You chose the spooky dark castle in a storm. I guess it will make all the Backer Spirits feel right at home.

Stormy Castle

Here’s a Wallpaper of that castle image. Please share this with social media.

Wallpaper – Stormy Castle 1024 x 768
Wallpaper – Stormy Castle 1366 × 768
Wallpaper – Stormy Castle 1920 × 1080