Hero-U will be holding another Kickstarter starting May 12 at 12am EDT.

Why another Kickstarter? It’s been two and a half years since we began this journey. We’ve adapted and evolved from a simple tile-based 2D Adventure turn-based Strategy Game to a full 3D Adventure RPG. The game outgrew its initial budget a year ago. For us, the priority was to create an amazing, beautiful, and fun game rather than worry about money.

At least we would like not to worry, but our personal coffers are running low, and some of that is reserved for food. We need to find more funds to pay our awesome team members to finish building and polishing Hero-U. They like to eat occasionally too.

This Kickstarter will determine the scope of Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption. We’re asking for $100,000 to finish this game with style rather than rush it to the finish line. We want to add to the Sea Cave experience with the Temple to Gog-Sosloth. We want to give the Master Wraith his tomb. We want to give Shawn a little more romance in his life. We can do this with your help.

The new Kickstarter will have some fantastic rewards including new posters of your favorite lands of Gloriana. We have new t-shirts, caps, and cool stuff. We’re offering you a chance to be a part of Hero University.

For backers who pledged at the $20 level on our original Kickstarter, we have a special $20 “Love You Twice As Much” tier which will give you all the rewards of the new $50 tier including the hint book, soundtrack, and beautiful art book.

We’re revealing two playable demos that will show off the game play and some of the style of the game. It’s an Adventure/Strategy/Role-playing game filled with fun.

We hope you’ll help us make this game even greater.

Kickstarter 2015