One of the major ‘characters’ in Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption is the university’s castle. Built several centuries ago to prevent a terrible disaster, the castle holds many secrets and ghosts of its tragic past. Shawn will uncover a few of the secrets as he tries to survive his semester at Hero-U.

Over the course of developing Hero-U, we’ve had several different views of the castle painted by John Paul Selwood. We’d like to share these paintings with you and see which one is your favorite.

The Original Castle View

Original Castle

This was the painting of the castle created for the first Kickstarter to finance this game. It shows the Castle in the first light of dawn.

Castle in a Storm

Castle in theS torm

This is one of the many paintings that grace the walls of the castle. It hints that the castle has a ‘Dark Side’ as well as a ‘Light Side.’ Not everything is sunny and bright at Hero-U.

Castle Morning

This is part of a larger piece that shows off the countryside beyond the Castle as well as the fortifications. At one time, this castle was the major defense against pirates as well as the supernatural for the town of Caligari.

Castle over Caligari

Castle over Caligari

This is a detail from the “Come to Sardonia” poster. It shows the road leading up to the castle on the precipice over Caligari.

Shawn and the Castle

Shawn and the Castle

Here’s a detail from a poster version of Shawn and the Gogs that we will use on the exclusive box cover. The road to redemption is steep and fraught with peril.

Which of these paintings do you like best?

What Castle do you prefer?

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