Hero-U Rogue to Redemption

Posters of Spielburg

Eriq Chang and JP Selwood created the lovely and inspiring Erana’s Tribute poster based on the “Erana’s Peace” and “Erana’s Meadow” locations in Quest for Glory. In this time of stress and racial and political tension, we can all use a little calmness and a place of peace and safety.

JP has extended the spirit of Erana’s Tribute with three new posters land of Spielburg and Hero-U. “Komme nach Spielburg” invites you to revisit Kriegsland and the town of Spielburg as featured in Quest for Glory 1. “Erana’s Serenity” reminds us that there is magic and joy in the world even in the coldest, most fearful times.

Then there’s the poster of Mordavia. It’s there to remind you that scary things do haunt the night. It takes a true hero to set things right.