Hero-U Rogue to Redemption

Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption is an exciting experiment in game development. The game is entirely crowd-funded and self-funded with no publisher or investor backing. Many of our backers are also participating in development through in-game backer rewards and suggestions on the Hero-U forum.

We offered a number of unique collectible rewards to thank our thousands of backers. If you pre-supported Hero-U through Kickstarter, our web site, or BackerKit, this page describes the backer rewards.

If you haven’t yet supported Hero-U, we are still accepting backers on our Support the Game page and on BackerKit. Become one of the generous and heroic backers of the great Hero-U experiment!

Manage Your Rewards


The BackerKit site makes it easy for you to view and manage your rewards. You can also use it to notify us of an address change, increase your pledge, or order additional add-on rewards. If you are not yet a backer, you can pre-order the game and other collectibles on BackerKit.

The Art of Hero-U


The Art of Hero-U

Our artists have created some amazing and beautiful work for Hero-U, but we usually hide it behind text and the game interface. In this book, you will get to see many of the best artworks in their full glory. “The Art of Hero-U” also includes original art created for this book, box covers, and the game manual.

Boxed Game

Boxed Game

We offer two different styles of box covers exclusively for our Kickstarter Backers. Since Hero-U will be only available through Kickstarter and digital media, the Kickstarter campaign is your only chance to get a physical boxed edition to add to your game shelves.

The first is the DVD “keep case” cover with an evocative painting of the Wine Cellar. This edition will be available at our $80 and $130 levels.

Our Collector’s Edition comes in exclusive “big box” similar to 1990’s adventure game boxes. The sleeve features an original cover painting by John Paul Selwood. This edition will be available to backers at the $200 and higher tiers.

In-Game Paintings


Backer Paintings

High-level backers of Hero-U will find their portraits hanging in the hallowed halls of Hero-U. Our artists work from photographs or drawings to create a unique painting for each backer. These paintings are designed to fit the atmosphere and style of the game, as well as to express our appreciation to our most loyal and generous supporters.

Music of Hero-U



Award-winning composer Ryan Grogan from Sydney, Australia created the stunning music for Hero-U. From the ominous and suspenseful dungeon theme to the pulse-pounding excitement of Fall Break or the wacky Mad Science music, every piece will surprise and delight you.

The soundtrack CD contains all of Ryan’s musical tracks from the game along with a few surprise bonus tracks. The album case also features an original painting by JP Selwood.


Posters of Spielburg

Eriq Chang and JP Selwood created the lovely and inspiring Erana’s Tribute poster based on the “Erana’s Peace” and “Erana’s Meadow” locations in Quest for Glory. In this time of stress and racial and political tension, we can all use a little calmness and a place of peace and safety.

JP has extended the spirit of Erana’s Tribute with three new posters land of Spielburg and Hero-U. “Komme nach Spielburg” invites you to revisit Kriegsland and the town of Spielburg as featured in Quest for Glory 1. “Erana’s Serenity” reminds us that there is magic and joy in the world even in the coldest, most fearful times.

Then there’s the poster of Mordavia. It’s there to remind you that scary things do haunt the night. It takes a true hero to set things right.



The 2015 Hero-U “All Kinds of Heroes” t-shirt depicts all seven Hero classes – Warrior, Wizard, Rogue, Paladin, Bard, Chef, and Scientist. They all work together to make the world a better place. Wear it in pride and let the world know that you, too, are a quiet hero.

This t-shirt is suitable to wear while rescuing victims from burning buildings or cats from trees, while playing in a charity soccer event, slaying a dragon, or helping a little old lady cross the street.

T-Shirt Image

Baseball Caps

Baseball Caps

Show the world your heroic school spirit with the awesome Hero-Unicorn logo baseball cap. Featuring a white and blue unicorn on a red background, the Hero-Unicorn cap will help you stand out in any crowd. You can be as rare and amazing as a unicorn!

Keep the sun off your head and the stars in your eyes while the Hero-Unicorn leads the way.

Hero-U Hint Book

Hero-U Hint Book
Hint Book

A simple walk-through is not enough for Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption. Any such guide will only cover one of the thousands of paths through this game. Each player may have different goals – making friends, becoming Rogue of the Year, amassing treasure, solving mysteries, and so on.

The Field Guide contains many strategies for playing Rogue to Redemption your own way. We’ll hint at what treasure will please Katie, and what topics might anger Esme. We’ll also give suggestions for how to survive in the deadly dungeons and where to look for some of the game’s secrets. You won’t want to attend the University without this guide!

Lucky Coins

Lucky Coin
Title Lucky Coin

We could all use a bit of the Luck of the Eirish at times. Perhaps owning one of these custom limited-edition Lucky Coins will be just the talisman you need! It might also serve as your admission ticket to a life filled with adventure.

For Shawn O’Conner, finding the Lucky Coin marks the end of his fledgling career as a thief and beginning or his quest to become a rogue hero. While attending Hero University, Shawn learns that the coin is a key to a far greater mystery that only he can solve.

Wanted Posters

Wanted Alexian
Wanted Posters

Here’s a thing about rogues – they don’t always play by the rules. While they may think they are doing great and valuable deeds (that also happen to be profitable), law enforcement doesn’t always see it that way. The most troublesome rogues soon find themselves Wanted.

You too can be a Most Wanted Rogue thanks to the Rogues’ Gallery mockingly maintained near the Thieves’ Guild headquarters. Better yet, would you like to see a friend, foe, or rival show up as a sketch on a Wanted Poster along with a description of their crimes? Our artists will draw the sketch, and every Hero-U player will see the poster. It’s nice to be Wanted.

The Bestiary of Hero-U


The island of Sardonia is a vacation paradise with its turquoise sea, verdant forest-covered hillsides, and vast underground caverns of glowing limestone. But all is not as pastoral and pleasant as it seems.

There are cruel creatures and marauding monsters that crawl from the shadows to feed upon any unwary tourist who ventures too far from the safety of the city.

The Bestiary of Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption is a field guide to the ferocious fauna found on Sardonia. Heed well the sage advice within its pages – you may avoid the fate of becoming a monster’s blue plate special.

This virtual Bestiary is a book of strategy and tactics for dealing with monsters that live in the dungeons, caverns, and catacombs of Hero University. It is also an art book showing sketches and paintings of the critters that crawl through the halls and ghosties that glide through the night.