Yes, our second Kickstarter for Hero-U has ended, but you can still contribute to the cause of making Hero-U better. We have just reached the sixth stretch goal of our game thanks to generous backer donations.

Stretch Goal Reached
Deep within the Sea Caves, an Unspeakable Horror will rise from the depths to haunt Shawn’s nightmares. But with guile and skill, Shawn can defeat it.

This is a puzzle area of great danger and even greater rewards. Shawn can retrieve even more than a lost pirate treasure trove – he can earn the respect (and perhaps the love) of one of his roguish peers. Or maybe Shawn would rather keep all of the treasure for himself. Is Chivalry dead? That will be up to you.

Unspeakable Horror

Our next Stretch Goal is the Gog Temple. This is an area too dangerous for simple combat. Shawn will need to use stealth and every trick and skill he has to uncover the secrets hidden in this Temple.

The Gogs worship a malevolent Dark One next to which the Unspeakable Horror seems like a plastic spider. If the Gog prayers are answered, the barrier between worlds will part and a Dark Lord of Chaos will cross into Gloriana. The lands will be flooded and the Gogs will rule the world… or what’s left of it.

Will Shawn stop this terrible cataclysm? First we’ll need to reach the Gog Temple stretch goal to give him the chance. View the stretch goal progress at

Shawn might be the one to save the world. Then again, he might be the one who robs the temple of its greatest wealth while someone else saves the world. Who knows? Maybe Shawn can do both.

With your help, we can give Shawn the chance to become a great Hero or a more successful thief. Support Hero-U.