Great news! Thanks to our impending merger with Blizzard Entertainment, we are happy to announce our ambitious new plan for Hero-U(™): Rogue to Redemption(™).

Hero-U Blizzard Screen

The new game title is “World of Hero-U(™)”, and asks the question, “In a world full of Rogues, how can one Shawn thrive?” Well, we are guaranteeing success by making every player a Shawn!

Shawns Abound

Since we determined that Hero-U’s old school, turn-based strategic combat does not take full advantage of the power of Unity3D, World of Hero-U(™) will be a pulse-pounding, massively multiplayer, real-time first person dagger throwing game of legendary proportions.

Besides daggers, new weapons will include the flamethrower, the railgun, and unlimited use of thermonuclear booms, each capable of leveling Sardonia.


We plan to run a modest supplementary Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $25 million in additional development funding, which should carry us most of the way to our new launch date – April 1, 2020.