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What's New?“Hero-U: Rogue Rally” focuses on the Rogue character at the School for Heroes. As Shawn O’Conner, the players will need to use all their skill, wiles, and deviousness to survive, prosper, and have fun.

We are really excited about making our return to game development. We’ve been talking about making a game set in the School for Heroes for years, and now we have the chance to make it. We look forward to renewing our promise of creating fun games for our wonderful player community.

We’re also just a little anxious about making our debut on Kickstarter. “If we build it, will they come?” We’re hoping all our fans and friends will get the word out and support our new game. We plan to run the funding campaign from Friday, October 19 through Monday, November 19. There will be special “early bird” pledge levels for our first supporters, and we also want to do something special for Halloween – our favorite holiday – to keep the momentum going.

If this game is successful, we promise more in the future.

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