Hero-U Rogue to Redemption

Jan 08 2017

Celebrating Hero-U 2017

We like to decorate our Christmas/Solstice tree with themed decorations. One year was space, another Harry Potter. For the past five Christmas seasons, we’ve decorated the tree with symbols of Quest for Glory and Hero-U to remind us of our commitment. We have Quest for Glory ornaments, School for Heroes baubles, and Rogue decorations. Our gifts this year included Hero-U mugs and t-shirts. It’s safe to say that we’ve thought of Hero-U a lot more than about snowmen, reindeers, or sugar plums during these holidays.

Hero-U Christmas

Hero-U Christmas

We believe the love and commitment from us and the team will make Hero-U great. Every week, I have the pleasure and honor of seeing John Paul’s gorgeous artwork created for the game. Chris and Aaron did fantastic work bringing JP’s vision for the school into 3D. Al has given our characters graceful movement. Carolyn turned static scenes into staged events. Jerry and Robert built the foundation of the castle and the other environs. Adam gave us our Reputation system and our new interface design. Judy created the foundations for our mini-games and added important features to Rob’s game scripting editor. Joshua has led the development of… well, nearly everything code-related. Our other Josh is helping Hero-U be hilarious through his droll messages for interacting with objects that most games ignore.

Moira Defends

Both Al and JP play the game weekly to see that things work and look right, handling Quality Assurance as well as their artistic contributions now that the art tasks are winding down. Who better to judge whether a room lights need adjusting or a character’s movement looks stilted?

It’s the programmers who need to do the heavy lifting now. We’ll be adding a few new names to our programming list soon. It’s time to get this game done.

The game is designed, but I am still writing dialogue and setting scenes in motion. Our custom game system has turned me into a programmer as well as a writer. It gives me the control to make a scene extremely complicated and sophisticated without the worry that my design will get lost in programming translation. It also makes my job harder and take longer as I have to keep track of ‘If’s and Else’s”. We also get to spend time finding mistakes in the scripts as well as in the Unity code.

Corey is now going over the resumes of the many wonderful folk who want to work on the game. There’s a lot of behind-the-scene work like paying people, bills, and taxes that needs to be done to keep this project going. Occasionally he even contributes to design decisions.

Hero-U is a very different game from anything we have made in the past. We’ve applied lessons from every game design we’ve created, the experiences of all the people involved, and the pleasure of all the games we all have played and loved. Hero-U will bring these things together to create a game experience that we hope you all will love as much as you loved Quest for Glory.

So here’s to 2017! We are adding more programmers to add to the richness of the game. We are incorporating new music and sound effects to give the game emotional depth. We are testing, poking, and judging every pixel and action in the game to make sure it works as intended and that the game is fun.

This is the year we ship this game. You will enjoy all the effort it took and all the love we built into this creation.

It’s going to be a great year for Hero-U.

Celebrate Hero-U 2017

Jan 01 2017

Happy Heroic New Year 2017

Happy Heroic 2017

Here we go into the final year of creating Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption. It’s been a wild and woolly “bumpercar-on-a-roller-coaster” kind of experience – a mixture of fear, terror, amazement, and great joy.

We’ve gone through a lot, these past years. We’ve made friends, worked with great people, and watched far too many of them go on to their own projects and better lives. Yet each person has left an impression upon the game. Every person who has been on the team helped to shape and improve the game. The best games are built by the synergy of the people who work on them.

The amazing part of creating this game is seeing the world of Hero University come to life. Most of the game art is done, we’re just tweaking and refining what we have in place to polish everything with glowing pride. All the pieces of the puzzle are in place, Shawn can stroll the halls of the castle, explore the wonders of the sea caves, sneak cautiously through the catacombs. The world of Sardonia awaits the explorer.

It’s a silent world right now. Anyone who has danced with Dryads knows just how magical music can be. That spell of magic has yet to be cast upon the game, but the tools of creation are now in place. We’re ready to begin the symphony of sound.

The Power of Magic

Of course, we still need a few Wizards to conduct the final ritual to bring the game together. Fortunately, when we asked for help from our friends and fans, many talented and experienced people answered our call. They, too, want to help make this game special.

Bringing this game to life has been difficult and grueling. No one wants this game to ship more than we do. However, we want it to be the best game possible, and there is still a lot of work to do. We will make this game as magical as we can.

Fortunately we have you to support us. Your faith in us and in Hero-U keeps us working, keeps us striving to do our best. The greatest of joys we have had from this project is the pleasure of knowing how important Quest for Glory was to you. That’s why we are making Hero-U. We want to share the thrill, adventure, and wonder that a great game can give.

For all of you, thank you. You keep us going.

So here’s to 2017. It’s going to be happy, heroic, and amazing.

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