Hero-U Rogue to Redemption

Jun 28 2015

We Got the Gog Temple!

Gog Temple Added

Thanks to generous donations after our Kickstarter ended, we are adding the Gog Temple back into the game. This is the ruins of an ancient temple now inhabited by the fearsome Gogs. Gogs are humanoid amphibians who would love to have Shawn over for dinner – over the fire pit, that is.

Every good dungeon explorer knows – where there’s an altar, there’s got to be treasure. It’s just a little tricky trying to get the treasure when all the Gogs are looking for Shawn Sashimi and Shawn stew.

Great Stuff

Corey is setting up the spreadsheets for all the backer goodies we offered in our Kickstarter. We’re doing tests to see how best to print the posters and paintings that we’re offering. We’ll be sending out backerkit information as soon as Kickstarter processes our campaign.

That’s in addition to the design, writing, and team leading we do in our copious spare time.

Here’s a photo of a canvas wrap print of a backer portrait and a Hero-Unicorn hoodie from Cafe Press, as modeled by the charming, smiling Corey Cole (who says, “Oops, guess I should have shaved first – I match the canine in the portrait”).

Hero-U Backer Bennies

Jun 20 2015

Another Stretch Goal Reached!

Yes, our second Kickstarter for Hero-U has ended, but you can still contribute to the cause of making Hero-U better. We have just reached the sixth stretch goal of our game thanks to generous backer donations.

Stretch Goal Reached
Deep within the Sea Caves, an Unspeakable Horror will rise from the depths to haunt Shawn’s nightmares. But with guile and skill, Shawn can defeat it.

This is a puzzle area of great danger and even greater rewards. Shawn can retrieve even more than a lost pirate treasure trove – he can earn the respect (and perhaps the love) of one of his roguish peers. Or maybe Shawn would rather keep all of the treasure for himself. Is Chivalry dead? That will be up to you.

Unspeakable Horror

Our next Stretch Goal is the Gog Temple. This is an area too dangerous for simple combat. Shawn will need to use stealth and every trick and skill he has to uncover the secrets hidden in this Temple.

The Gogs worship a malevolent Dark One next to which the Unspeakable Horror seems like a plastic spider. If the Gog prayers are answered, the barrier between worlds will part and a Dark Lord of Chaos will cross into Gloriana. The lands will be flooded and the Gogs will rule the world… or what’s left of it.

Will Shawn stop this terrible cataclysm? First we’ll need to reach the Gog Temple stretch goal to give him the chance. View the stretch goal progress at http://hero-u.com/hero-u-donations/stretch-goals-achievement/.

Shawn might be the one to save the world. Then again, he might be the one who robs the temple of its greatest wealth while someone else saves the world. Who knows? Maybe Shawn can do both.

With your help, we can give Shawn the chance to become a great Hero or a more successful thief. Support Hero-U.

Jun 16 2015

We Did It!

We Did It
Thanks to all of you, we made our goal… and five of our stretch goals!

We’ll have a Master Wraith, Additional Music and Sound effects, more puzzles, and a larger sea cave. If we get a few donations through Paypal, we will have an Unspeakable Horror to haunt all our nightmares. Won’t this be great!

Of course we’re thrilled at all this additional work you are giving us. It will make this game richer.

This Kickstarter has been a wild ride, and a lot of fun. It gave us a chance to really hear you. This will greatly affect how Hero-U is designed.

Please enjoy this Wallpaper as our first official Kickstarter reward now that we’ve made our goal.

Be the Leader Wallpaper

Wallpaper – Be the Leader – 1024 x 768
Wallpaper – Be the Leader – 1366 x 768
Wallpaper – Be the Leader – 1920 x 1080

Jun 15 2015

Stretching Our Goals!

Home Stretch

Thanks to a friend on Paypal, we officially reached our next stretch goal – Additional Music and Sound. This will add so much richness and emotion to the game, it’s well worth the time and effort to add it to the game.

Music Goal Reached

We are reducing the levels on our Stretch Goal list because of this donation. That means it’s only a little farther to reach the Wraith Lair and then the Sea Caves Boss. Both of these monsters will make Shawn very happy – if he can survive his encounter with them. Unfortunately, they are the scariest and most deadly things Shawn will meet in the game.

So thanks for all the support! You’ve given us some great feedback. It’s time to give you something in return.

Thanks to all your votes, you have officially chosen the final Travel Poster for our add-ons – Mordavia. John Paul Selwood rushed to his palette and virtual paint set to create this stunning piece to glow on your computer.

Mordavia Screensaver

We ask you to share this with Facebook and any other social media you can reach. The more people we can reach, the more stretch goals we’ll make.

Wallpaper – Mordavia – 1024 x 768
Wallpaper – Mordavia – 1366 x 768
Wallpaper – Mordavia – 1920 x 1080

Jun 15 2015

The Treasure Chest

Treasure Every Moment

We’ve achieved the first Kickstarter stretch goal to add more animation to Hero-U. Former Sierra animator Al Eufrasio joined the team just in time. He’s cleaned up the walk and the sneak animation already. Al is adding some exciting moves to combat and gestures to make Shawn come to life.

We’re so honored by the support you’ve given Hero-U with your comments and pledges. We’ve learned how much QfG has influenced people’s lives through the years. This is why we are doing everything we can to make Hero-U great. It has to be good enough to be worthy of you.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, let’s get to the treasure.

More Money Matters

Unlike the Hero-U Combat Prototype, money isn’t just sitting around waiting for Shawn to loot it in Rogue to Redemption. He’s going to have to either earn it through hard work or bounty hunting… bounty hunting on Drat parts, that is.

Oh, there is treasure to be found in the game – pirate treasure. Chest you wait and sea, the treasure is first mate rate. Unfortunately, you’ll need to survive Sea Serpents, get past Gogs, and outwit or outfight Zombie Pirates to get to it. Oh, and you’ll need a map. And a little help from a friend. Otherwise, the dead man’s chest might be Shawn’s… with a trident stuck through it.

Then again, maybe Shawn will go the route of grave robbing. It’s kind of a Dead End job. If he isn’t careful, Shawn will get crypt off. It’s a grave error to disturb the dead. It just ghost to show that it is best to let Undead rest in peace lest they take you to pieces.

So today’s Wallpaper is all about treasure – and savoring the moment. The best moments in life are the ones you work to achieve.

Treasure Trove

Please share these on social media and with everyone you know. We’ll stretch this Kickstarter as far as possible, because every stretch goal is a worthy addition to the game.

Wallpaper – Treasure Every Moment! – 1024 x 768
Wallpaper – Treasure Every Moment! – 1366 x 768
Wallpaper – Treasure Every Moment! – 1920 x 1080

Jun 13 2015

What Would You Choose?

What Would You Choose

Thanks to all of you, we made our goal in the Kickstarter! Whether you cheered us on or contributed to the project, we appreciate your support. We can honestly say that Hero-U would not exist without you.

We’ve offered a lot of different rewards for our backers. We’d like to know what you thought was the best reward of all. If you could have any of the rewards we offered, what would you choose? What were the most interesting and fun rewards we offered?

Would you like to have a wing named after you? Your very own painting in the game? Maybe you really want the travel posters to adorn your wall. Perhaps the idea of being a ghost to haunt the game sounds like the best backer reward for you.

Backer Rewards

What Backer Reward would you Choose?

View Results

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The Hero-U game is all about choice. You determine what Shawn does and what happens to him in the game. His fate is in your hands.

Choose Wisely.

Or not… Sometimes the foolish choices have foolish results. This is a game, after all. The whole point of playing a game is to have fun.

Choose Your Fate

Here’s a free wallpaper to remind you that choice is important.

Wallpaper – Choose Your Fate – 1024 x 769
Wallpaper – Choose Your Fate – 1366 x 768
Wallpaper – Choose Your Fate – 1920 × 1080

Jun 13 2015

Seas the Day

Seas the Day

Our Kickstarter Project is very close to success. The best part of this Kickstarter is that we really get to connect and communicate with all our fans and supporters. You inspire us.

You will note that most of the Wallpapers we’ve shared so far have a pithy statement to inspire you, too. We want to encourage you to make the most of your lives.

Today’s theme is a combination of “Just do it,” “Get er done,” and an object warning.

Our free Screensaver Wallpaper today shows off the most fearsome monster of the day – the Sea Serpent. The Sea Serpent Lair is dedicated to Princess Lwelynor and Lord Oelwyn who provide valuable lessons to Shawn on how to deal with serpents.

Sadly, it is clear from the poster that the Zombie Pirate did not pay attention to the Lord and Lady’s advice. Nor did he read the warning label on the map that said, “Here be Sea Serpents.” The Zombie will soon find himself seized and deceased. It was not his day.

He obviously did not Sea the point of this poster.

Seas the Day Poster

Wallpaper – Sees the Day 1024 x7 68
Wallpaper – Sees the Day 1366 x 768
Wallpaper – Sees the Day 1920 × 1080

Please share this poster with your friends and on social media. Let’s make some new friends and fans!

Jun 12 2015

Refuse to Give Up

Refuse to Give Up

We’re coming down to the end of our Kickstarter. There’s only three days to go and we still need over 6 thousand dollars to make the goal. This is so close, and yet so far.

But it’s not over yet. We can succeed. We just need to reach a few new backers to join our group.

So many of you are supporting us and not just with money. Some are helping to spread the word to other Kickstarter projects, news sites, and social media. Some of you are active cheerleaders in the forums and comments. We really appreciate all the support and love you have given us and Hero-U.

With your help, I know we can succeed.

Today’s wallpaper is the color comp layout for a section of the Dungeon. It shows the level of detail we provide before re-creating the art in 3D. It’s a very scary and dangerous place, this dungeon. However, with your help and support, Shawn can and will survive the dungeon and pass his classes at Hero-U.

It’s just a matter of refusing to give up on Shawn and Hero-U.

Refuse to Give Up

Please Share with your friends, family, and everyone else you can think of!

Wallpaper – Refuse to Give Up 1024 × 768
Wallpaper – Refuse to Give Up 1366 × 768
Wallpaper – Refuse to Give Up 1920 × 1080

Jun 11 2015

Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows

So far, we’ve talked a lot about the beautiful artwork and the interesting characters that inhabit the Hero-U Castle. We’ve talked about friendship and possible romance. But there’s more to the game than milk and cookies for Shawn.

There’s a dark, seamy underbelly to the Hero-U castle. There are secrets buried here that no one knows about or understands. The Dire Rats in the Wine Cellar are the least of Shawn’s worries.

Things stir in the catacombs under the castle. They’ve become an unquiet grave site. The people of Sardonia celebrate the “Nights of the Dead” in hopes of appeasing these spirits. However, there are many restless spirits. Most of them are the ghosts of former Backers. Some are even the ghosts of current Backers.

Backer PlacardIn our first Kickstarter for Hero-U, we offered tombstones to those Backers who wanted a place to rest their weary bones in honor of Halloween. These Backers get a tomb with a view in the depths of the catacombs with their very own epitaph engraved upon a placard.

But not all Backers rest so easily. There is much to disturb their slumber. It doesn’t help matters if Shawn goes around tomb raiding for treasure. Spirits can get downright cranky.


We’d like to make sure that our Backers rest easily. That’s why we’re paying close attention to your opinions.

Many of you remember Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness with fondness. We held a poll on what posters you’d like to see and Mordavia won. That’s why we’re offering a “Come to Mordavia” poster. Here’s a sneak peek at the color comp of for the poster.

Mordavia Color Comp

We also held a poll to find out what Castle Painting you backers wanted to own.

We showed off a lot of lovely castles glowing in the first rays of dawn or the warm tones of sunset. Did you choose one of those scenic and serene images? No. You chose the spooky dark castle in a storm. I guess it will make all the Backer Spirits feel right at home.

Stormy Castle

Here’s a Wallpaper of that castle image. Please share this with social media.

Wallpaper – Stormy Castle 1024 x 768
Wallpaper – Stormy Castle 1366 × 768
Wallpaper – Stormy Castle 1920 × 1080

Jun 10 2015

About Face

About Face

There are over 25 different characters in Hero-U. Some can be friends to Shawn – if he wants them to be. Some are enemies to Shawn – if he lets them be. There are many chances to talk and interact with the other characters in order to change their opinion of Shawn.

Terk Talking

Thus, there are talkers. These are the faces at the bottom of the screen that indicate who is speaking. They also indicate how that character is reacting to the situation. They won’t always be happy to see Shawn – or hear what Shawn is saying. And Shawn won’t always go out of his way to say the right things. You might want him to say the Snarky thing rather than the polite, charming answer. So what if he does make a few enemies along the way? Maybe he earns too many demerits. What’s the worse that can happen?

Er… you don’t want to know. Trust me, for Shawn, it’s a fate worse than death.


So Shawn will navigate through the school making friends and influencing people. It will be up to you to decide just how Shawn does that.


Face Your Fears

Today’s “Wallpaper Of The Day” (okay, okay, so it’s usually the “Wallpaper of the Night”, by the time I actually post it) shows off the layout of the Wine Cellar. This is the concept drawing that was used to create the 3D location used in the combat prototype. It’s a rather spooky and dangerous place. This is the first area in the game where Shawn will face real danger.

It’s the first real ‘dungeon’ we’ve designed in a game. Don’t worry, there are many more to come.

Wallpaper – Wine Cellar Layout 1024 x 768
Wallpaper – Wine Cellar Layout 1366 x 768
Wallpaper – Wine Cellar Layout 1920 x 1080