Hero-U Rogue to Redemption

Mar 17 2014

Luck of the Eirish

Happy ‘Wearing of the Green’ day from Hero-U!

Several members of the Hero-U cast have ties to Eire and will gladly raise a glass to her beauteous shores.

Eirish Shawn

Our Roguish hero, Shawn O’Conner, was born on Sardonia, but his parents both hailed from the Emerald Isle. As a result, Shawn has a slight lilt to his voice and a definite gift for blarney.


Eirish MoiraOur Paladin instructor and healer, Moira Glenshannon, has a deep love for the land she once called home. Alas, duty called her away to serve and preserve life on the shores of a very different island. At this time of year, she often thinks back about what her life would be if she had stayed in Eire. As dear to her heart as Eire may be, she knows she made the right choice to be a part of the Hero University.


We hope that you feel the same way as Moira does – proud to be a part of Hero-U.

We want to thank all of you for supporting Hero-U. Now that we’ve revised this website, we’ve had several orders of collectibles and game pre-orders. We’ve also had some very nice donations. We really are lucky to have fans like you to help bring Hero-U to life.

Mar 11 2014

Our New Look

We’ve updated our webpages and made it much easier for you to pre-order Rogue to Redemption and buy our Kickstarter booty (while our supplies last).

We don’t want people to be left bereft of a cuddly Meep to keep for their very own. Who doesn’t want a fuzzy friend to wear their Hero-U cap for them or stand on their Meep key chain so that you never lose your keys?

Besides, there are 400 Meeps stuck away in our garage who really need good homes.

Tomb of Treats

The new website has a few reveals of some of the concept art you haven’t seen yet. We want to tickle you with tempting treats so that you can’t wait to see what’s coming up next.

We’ve been filling out the castle, decorating the halls, and creating the combat system for the past months. Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption will be a game rich in detail and design layers. It’s the sort of game you will want to play again and again to discover new events and interactions. Don’t worry – it will be worth all the love and work we put into it.