Happy New Year


We made it through a full year of Hero-U – Hurrah! We solved a lot of problems, created a great game system, came up with some beautiful artwork, and we’re putting the pieces together. There is a lot to do this year, but we’re on our way.

In case you missed it, here’s the Christmas Video we made to show off JP Selwood’s beautiful room sketches and to wish you all a fun holiday season. Yes, those backgrounds are only sample drawings. As lovely as they are, the final game art will be better.

So, in addition to the brand new game we’re bringing out later this year, we have a lot of new things to share with you.

First of all, a brand new Shawn O’Conner in 3D!

Shawn in 3D


Shawn will actually change his expression once in a while!

Shawn's Smile
Shawn Angry


We’ve added Chris Willis to our team to be our 3D artist.

We’re redesigning our website and we’ll have links to our new Humble Store.

And that list is just for starters. We’ve got a big year ahead of all of us.

So Happy New Year, everyone… It’s going to be a fun one!