Hero-U Rogue to Redemption

Aug 16 2013

Keeping Humble

It is surprisingly easy to stay humble as a game designer. Some of our fans treat us as celebrities, and perhaps we are in this limited domain of game design. But that doesn’t mean much in the wider world, and we still have to work just as hard to make good games. Harder, actually, because we try to raise the bar with each new game.

The wonderful folks over at Humble Bundle are making it easy for us to be Humble as well as humble. They will be helping us fulfill our digital rewards by creating a unique page for each Kickstarter backer with their Humble Store technology. We will post the link to access your private page. By the way, this is completely separate from their “bundle” site, and backers will not need to create a Humble Bundle account or get mailings about their bundles.

One of the great things about the private page approach is that we can customize your page to reflect your Kickstarter tier and add-ons. Backers with beta access will be able to download each beta version as soon as we finish it. We also plan to post developer diary articles for our “insider access” backers to each of their pages. This is a huge win for you and the project as any other approach would have taken funds away from the game development.

Humble BundleIf you haven’t heard of Humble Bundle before, now is the time. Just a little over three years ago, they came up with the idea of bundling together several indie games and selling them under a “pay what you want” model. Buyers also get to choose how to distribute their payments among the game companies, Humble Bundle, and charities. The first Humble Indie Bundle brought in over $1.27 million from almost 140,000 gamers, each paying a little over $9 on average.

Almost $400,000 of the money raised went to the Child’s Play charity and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Since then, Humble Bundle has contributed over $28 million to multiple charities, and helped indie game developers reach wider audiences as well. Electronic Arts is sponsoring the current bundle of some of their older Origin games including Crysis 2 and Medal of Honor. The twist is that Origin and EA are donating 100% of their share of the proceeds to charity. If any of the games interest you, it’s an amazing bargain as well as a great opportunity to benefit some great charities. You can donate as little as $1, or unlock two additional games by contributing more than the average donation (currently just under $5).

We will use the Humble Store widgets to put a new preorder page on the http://www.hero-u.net site. This is completely separate from the bundles. Humble realized that the technology they use to deliver the bundles is perfect for distributing other digital content, so they now make it available to other indie game developers. Since our web provider is not set up to handle massive downloads, this will let us give a much better experience to our backers and future purchasers.

Incidentally, we will not repeat our Kickstarter tiers on the preorder site; all prices will be slightly higher than the Kickstarter pledges, and most of the rewards are no longer available. Our backers gave us the opportunity to make our first new fantasy games in almost 15 years, and we honor the commitment and confidence you have shown in us. In fact, we feel humble about it.

Those Quirky Kwirks

Captain KwirkThe Critter Naming contest continues, but so far, the Kwirks quickly leaped into fur-st place and are leading the polls by a fur-long. The Kwirk word is definitely per-furred over the Furple and the Hoppurr. Let us know the name that you feel most suits these fuzzy, funny, and fast fur-balls.


Aug 03 2013

Name Game

The Hero-U team is busy polishing up the Demo room/opening section of the game. We want to show you that this game holds true to its Adventure Game roots while adding more fun and excitement.

Corey and I went to the International Game Developer’s Association Summit and the Casual Connect conference this week to talk about “Game Design as a Subversive Activity.” Our premise is that games teach people to think for themselves, question authority, and thus change the world. The video of this talk will (hopefully) be available from IDGA in a couple of months – we’ll let you know more when we find out.

In order to avoid any confusion with our previous game series, Hero University has moved to the city of Caligari on the island of Sardonia. We are also making sure that all names in Hero-U are original.

Name That Critter

So, what should we name this sort of creature? It’s mischievous, a bit sneaky, but kind of cute.

Name the Critter

Is this a:

A. Hoppurr
B. Kwirk
C. Furple
D. Something Else

Let us know what You think this critter should be in the world of Hero University by your comments below or on our forum.