Many things have been happening behind the scenes here at the Hero-U team. We have formed Transolar Games Inc. as the holding company with Corey as the CEO and CFO and Lori as the Creative Director and – ugh – Secretary. (What? Is Transolar stereotyping the female as the secretary? Alas, my writing skills exceed my capabilities of adding columns of numbers in spreadsheets. I’ll let Corey do that.)

Drat it

This page has been updated to reflect our new art style under the wonderful direction of Terry Robinson and the painting talents of JP Selwood. I’m sure you’ll like the improvements.

We are assembling a new programming team under the direction of Mike Croswell, who has just written a book on programming with Unity. He has a wide range of skills including Bluegrass guitar and C# coding. We met with him and Jonathan Cheatham, another skilled programmer joining the team. Jonathan is a long time fan of the Quest for Glory series, so he’ll know the style and feel that we want to have with Hero-U.

We’re also adding a System programmer and a room programmer along the way.

Also in the company news, we are officially looking for an experienced 2D animator and a 2D tile artist to add to our team.

We’re behind production schedule, but work on the project is now moving in the right direction. As for the game itself, well, it’s going to be beautiful and sound wonderful. It will be the synergy of all the creative energy of every member of the team. And that, after all, is what really matters.

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