Hero-U Rogue to Redemption

Nov 29 2012

Our New Team Member

Terry RobinsonWe are proud to proclaim the addition of Terry Robinson to our Hero-U production team. Terry is a skilled and experienced artist, graphic designer, and photographer.

He created the cover to the Quest for Glory I cover which was done with a stained-glass look to it. It was the first Sierra On-Line box cover created digitally rather than painted, which was quite an accomplishment considering how primitive the tools were back then.

He also was art director for QG5: Dragon Fire.

Hero-U will be a very beautiful as well as fun game. Our Art Team is awesome.

QG1 Cover


Nov 21 2012

The ‘We Did It’ Hangout

Join us for a celebratory chat on Google+ to thank you all for your support to make Hero-U real.

This will be a live recording, so that everyone can share our success.

Ewe Did It


Nov 20 2012

Reddit Chat Today

We’re in the middle of a Reddit Chat to Ask us Anything. Care to join us? We’re Zartan11 and Lori Cole.

Reddit Here!

Reddit Chat


Nov 17 2012

Peeps for Meeps

Peeps for Meeps


We’ve got over 4500 backers for this Kickstarter. The Meeps will leap for joy!

Nov 17 2012

We Can Do It

We’ve hit the $300,000 in our kickstarter. We’re on the home stretch, and we still have treats and surprises awaiting you. Just you wait and see!



Nov 15 2012

Four Thousand Strong!

We are now at 4000 backers at 4:00pm (our time) supporting us. We got a little help from Chris Pope at Space Venture, Larry Laffer, and the guys from Shadowrun. It’s a great day for Hero-U.

Hope to see you at tonight’s chat on Google+. We’ll be talking about our supporters, our game, and the surprise from our Art Team.


Nov 13 2012

Wednesday Fireside Chat

ChatWe had a great chat beside the fireplace about life, the universe, and Hero-U today. It was another attempt at a good Google+ Hangout, and we had a full crowd. However, we failed to record it for posterity. Which means – we do it all over again!!!

So join us tonight at 11 PM Eastern standard time or 8 for those of us on the West coast. We’ll try to say everything we said earlier to day, and more.