Hero-U Rogue to Redemption

Sep 26 2012

So What is Hero-U?

Along the south coast of Marete to the east of Silmaria, there stands a great sprawling castle built in ancient times when demonic creatures sought to dominate Gloriana. Long abandoned, the castle was greatly feared by the people of Silmaria. There were rumors of hauntings, curses, and a great Evil buried within its rocky walls.

Over the years, a few desperate and foolhardy souls dared to explore dark towers and musty hallways in search of forgotten treasures. Even fewer returned; they whispered of eldritch horrors best left buried beneath the ancient stones. The castle’s grim silhouette upon the cliffs warns us that there are dangers in this world that mere mortals are not prepared to face.

So what better place than this to build a University for Heroes?

Besides, the rent was cheap.

The Game’s the Thing

Meeps, oh my!Hero-U is a role-playing adventure game. The player takes on the role of a student learning to be a Hero. In Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption, that student is Shawn O’Conner, a young man who at first seems to be anything but a hero.

One doesn’t just wander around an ancient, possibly haunted, castle and expect to have an easy time of it. Shawn must learn and practice Rogue and combat skills, then use them to survive. “Hack and Slash” won’t cut it for a Rogue. Shawn must outwit and outmaneuver the creatures that lurk within the ancient dungeons, caverns, and catacombs.

Hero-U is not a random “dungeon crawl”. In Rogue to Redemption, Shawn will learn what it means to be a Hero and the player must choose for him whether he will become one. The player’s choices will determine not only Shawn’s fate, but that of the University and possibly all of Gloriana. Whatever.


Hero-U is Not Quest for Glory

In many ways, Hero-U is similar to our previous Quest for Glory games. Both mix adventure and role-playing game play. Both emphasize an involving story and complex characters. Both provide epic events, daring deeds, and occasional humor.

However, Hero-U has its own unique look and feel. This is not a Sierra On-line game remake. You will not play a nameless hero haplessly wandering through the world, pestered by people who need your help. Shawn will do what he wants to do. If he wants to do someone a favor, it is because he figures that person will be useful to him later. If he wants to unleash nameless horrors of destruction upon the world, well, hey, that’s his business.

Are You Ready to Rogue?

There is danger and intrigue within the hallowed halls of Hero-U. Danger? Ha! Rogues laugh in the face… well, actually, they sneak up behind danger and bop it in the head, then run really, really fast.

Sep 24 2012

Rogue to Redemption

We have an answer to the “Name the Game” question for our upcoming Hero-U Role-playing Adventure. Many people on Facebook liked “School for Scoundrels” as a title for a story centered upon a reluctant Rogue student at the University for Heroes. However, most people on this site really liked “Rogue to Redemption.”

As did we…

It describes the plot of the game concisely. It alliterates elegantly. It puns perfectly. What more could we ask for in a title?

Thank you, everyone, who answered this mini-quiz. We really want you to feel like you are a part of making this game great.

Rogue to Redemption


Sep 21 2012

Name the Game

Our first game in the Hero-U series centers around the Rogue character. Rogues are a very special kind of Hero. They are the Robin Hood, the Bugs Bunny, the Aladdin, and the Indiana Jones type of characters who live by their wits and skills. Expect the Rogue Hero of Hero-U to be snarky, witty, and always trying to stay one step ahead of the authorities and teachers at this University for Heroes.

Hero-U is the name of the game series, but we need a name for this first game.

So far, we have had the following suggestions:
“Rogue Rally”
“Class of the Classless”
“In the Shadows 101”
“Classroom of Chicanery”
“Rogue Rules”
“Rogue Trip”
“Larceny, Lockpicks, and Lunchbells”
“Way of the Aardvark”
“Larceny and Bold Race”
“Trickster’s Treat”
“Hero-U: Unlikely Hero”
“Rogue to Redemption”
“School for Scoundrels”

So what do you think is the best title of this game?



Sep 18 2012

What’s New in the News

Stories about Hero-U and our upcoming Kickstarter campaign are starting to hit the Web. Check them out, comment, and keep the story in play!

What's New?“Hero-U: Rogue Rally” focuses on the Rogue character at the School for Heroes. As Shawn O’Conner, the players will need to use all their skill, wiles, and deviousness to survive, prosper, and have fun.

We are really excited about making our return to game development. We’ve been talking about making a game set in the School for Heroes for years, and now we have the chance to make it. We look forward to renewing our promise of creating fun games for our wonderful player community.

We’re also just a little anxious about making our debut on Kickstarter. “If we build it, will they come?” We’re hoping all our fans and friends will get the word out and support our new game. We plan to run the funding campaign from Friday, October 19 through Monday, November 19. There will be special “early bird” pledge levels for our first supporters, and we also want to do something special for Halloween – our favorite holiday – to keep the momentum going.

If this game is successful, we promise more in the future.

Mashable: “Quest for Glory Creators to Kickstart New Adventure Game”

Kotaku: News article: Oh My Goodness, Quest For Glory’s Creators Are Making New Games

Rock Paper Shotgun article: School For Scoundrels: Quest For Glory Devs’ Hero-U (We rather like RPS’s “School for Scoundrels” name, maybe they’ll let us use it?)

G4TV: Quest For Glory Creators Turn To Kickstarter For Hero-U

Keep up to date with project news here and on our Facebook page.

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When you find other sites with news or information about Hero-U or The School for Heroes, please comment below for everyone’s benefit.

Sep 18 2012

A Kickstarter Date

The Hero-U Kickstarter project dates have been officially announced – October 19th to November 19th.

Kickstarter NewsWe have been planning this project for a month now as if it was a game. We want the Kickstarter project to be exciting and fun.

We’re planning on having limited edition rewards, Halloween Specials, and all sorts of bonuses for those people who are backing our project.

We’ll keep you informed of everything we do on Kickstarter on this website. So check here often or sign up for the RSS feed.

We can’t wait to get this show on the road.