Welcome to the Leaders Board. This is a private site just for ‘The School for Heroes Game’ Superfans.

Now that you are here, you are officially a SuperHero. We hope you’ll help us publicize and let everyone know what we are doing. You’ll be posting on the forums, socializing on Facebook and other sites, and writing blogs, comments, and publicity notices to your favorite fan sites.

Here’s what we are creating with your help:

Hero-U – Rogue Rally

The Hero-U combines turn-based, tactical combat and dungeon exploration with rich character interactions, challenging puzzles, and an immersive story. Acclaimed game designers Corey and Lori Cole – creators of the award-winning Quest for Glory series and Castle of Dr. Brain – take you on an epic role-playing journey.

Your life has not been an easy one. Caught red-handed during your thieves’ guild initiation, you have a seemingly-easy choice – Go to reform school or rot away in prison. The teachers and students are intent on making your life a living hell, while trouble lurks in the catacombs below. It’d help if you didn’t need to worry about being killed and passing midterms.

Corey and Lori Cole have assembled a star development team featuring Brawsome, developers of the award winning MacGuffin’s Curse and Jolly Rover. The School for Heroes features:

  1. Tactical combat, where player choices make a real difference
  2. Branching conversations that affect your relationship with other characters
  3. Characters with unique personalities and their own agendas
  4. Challenging puzzles that are an important, organic part of the story
  5. Meaningful choices between exploration, study, and social interaction


This is just a taste of what we’re cooking up for you. Help us make this happen.

A Call for Heroes